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Getting Started as an Affiliate

It’s VERY easy to get started as an affiliate and start making online income.
We want to see you be successful in your promotion of our products and we are here for you to provide you with articles, webinars, images, copy for your email creatives, referral links and much more.
Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Create a FREE Digistore Account

Visit to create a free Digistore account. Having issues?

Step 2: Apply for Whitelisting (approval to promote)

Once you have a Digistore account set up and you receive your Account Login Name (your Digistore ID) then you are eligible for approval. Your account must be approved before you can promote any of our products.
Applications are manually reviewed and could take up to 24 hours before whitelisting is approved. Once you are approved, you’ll receive an email from us with the subject line: You’ve Been Added to a Digistore Affiliate Whitelist.
We pay 60% commissions on all our products. You have complete control of seeing transactions and sales through Digistore!

Step 3: Do NOT SPAM

We do not tolerate SPAM, so be cautious how you promote our products. Please read our to learn about honest affiliate marketing practices.
Reach out to our affiliate management team via email at to get your hoplinks, affiliate resources and promotional guidelines.


Please ensure that your affiliate ID [AFFILIATE] is correct.

This is crucial for tracking your referrals and ensuring you receive the appropriate commissions.
You can edit CAMPAIGNKEY to match anything you want, such as a campaign name or identifier that helps you track your marketing efforts more effectively.

Step 5: Contact Us For Support

Reach out to our affiliate management team via email at to get your hoplinks, affiliate resources and promotional guidelines.

Best Ways to Promote


Traffic Tip #1: Best converting traffic is: Email, display/native, non-branded search


Traffic Tip #2: Geographic: US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ


Traffic Tip #3: Demographic: Women/men 55+. Interests: Healthy aging, longevity, supplements

Promotional Resources


CircO2 is a scientifically formulated nitric oxide supplement designed to boost oxygen levels and support healthy circulation for cardiovascular and heart health.
CircO2 has a patented delivery system that uses a quick-dissolving tablet you put on your tongue.
As the tablet dissolves or breaks down, it interacts with the saliva in your mouth and delivers a powerful, fast-acting boost of nitric oxide to your body... and you start to notice its effects in just minutes.

Key Benefits:

CircO2 is known to have blood-flow-enhancing effects and supports the healthy delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
Gives a long-lasting boost of energy and circulation
Supports heart health
Promotes sharper memory and thinking
Revs up sexual performance
Promotes healthy blood pressure levels

Email Swipes

All the email swipes are proven to convert. (They are written by one of the top direct-response copywriters in the world.) Start mailing these to your list and watch your revenue skyrocket! Remember to update the name and add your links where needed.
NOTE: You may ONLY send to opted-in subscribers. Do not send unsolicited emails or you will be immediately blacklisted.


Email #1

SL: At 82, Eddie seems almost “superhuman”
He plays 2 hours of tennis several times a week and competes in tournaments. He also swims regularly and travels, and he and his wife still enjoy steamy sex life.
When you see him now, it's hard to believe how close he came to losing it all.
When Eddie was in his 60s, his health took a nosedive. It was so bad he had to stop doing a lot of the things he loved most in life. His body just couldn't keep up.
In fact, his health became so fragile that things almost took a turn for the worst.
But now at 82, Eddie wakes up every morning, ready to take on the world! He loves every minute of his retirement. And his smile says it all.
What's his secret?
Click here to find out how Eddie went from feeling old and frail to feeling superhuman! [Affiliate link]

Email #2

Subject line: What if it’s NOT low T?
Many men notice they have less energy as they get older. They can't workout or enjoy their activities the way they used to.
And many of them also start having trouble in the bedroom.
Many people think testosterone is to blame.
And while it is normal for testosterone levels to decline as a man gets older, research now reveals something surprising…
Low T may NOT be the reason why many men experience a drop in energy and other "performance problems."
Better yet, thanks to an MIT scientist's discovery, there's now a simple solution that gets older men feeling and acting like their younger selves again.
This is exactly what happened to Eddie.
At 82, Eddie enjoys the life of a much younger man (including a steamy sex life!).
Find out more about his story here. [Affiliate link]
P.S. This discovery has already helped thousands of people in their 70s, 80s, and beyond get back to living life again. It can do the same for you, too. Everything you need to know is right here. [Affiliate link]


Email #3

Subject line: Have fun in the bedroom again?
Many men find that as they get older, they have trouble in the bedroom.
They may spend a fortune on remedies to get things working again "down there." Some of these remedies may work. But they often have side effects. And they may eventually stop working.
Wouldn't it be better if your body could get back to the way it was when you were younger?
Well, we have some exciting news!
A Nobel prize winning scientist discovered the real reason why older men start having trouble in the bedroom. Better yet ... he discovered an easy way to solve it.
It's already helped thousands of men feel (and act) decades younger!
Find out more here. [Affiliate link]
P.S. It doesn't matter how long you've been having trouble "down there." This will help you have more fun in the bedroom again.[Affiliate link]

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